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Elite Player Development Academy

Elite Player Academy

Introducing our Elite Player Academy which as teamed up with Top Velocity to bring you Americans Best Velocity Program. This program is designed for Pitchers, Catchers and all Fielders. Elite Academy will deliver to the players the benefits of velocity, proper mechanics and how to achieve their goals and dreams of becoming an elite player. 

"The program will challenge you mentally and physically and teach you what it takes to be a ELITE Player." 

Academy Players Receive

  • 20 weeks of training - clear understanding of the commitment and dedication it takes to be an elite player 
  • Pitchers: 60 hours of Elite Pitching Training, 40 hours of Olympic-Style
  • Catchers: 60 hours of Elite Catching Training, 40 hours of Olympic-Style
  • Infielders/Outfielders: 60 hours of Elite Fielding Training, 40 hours of Olympic-Style 
  • Strength and Conditioning, Injury Prevention Training, Visual Training
  • Full understanding and implementation of important components in throwing delivery and weight training
  • Full orientation of all training drills, exercises and throws used to increase performance on and off the field 
  • Anthropometric Data - mobility parameters (flexibility in the human body)
  • Performance Data - Tests: throwing, speed and agility, strength and power
  • Biomechanical Data - Tests the stride phase, separation and throwing
  • Biomechanical Analysis - Injury red flag alerts in the delivery and performance potential
  • Systematic calendar: allows you to follow an Olympic-style strength and conditioning program and anaerobic conditioning program
  • Motus Arm Analyzer: calculates arm stress, throwing workload, tracks arm speed, bullpens and long toss

2018 Full Elite Player Academy Schedule

Contact Cadets for more information or to sign up. 


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