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Confidence Academics Determination rEspect Teamwork Sportsmanship

C.B.A Elite Travel Baseball  provides our 9U to 19U teams with the best in competition, instruction and development. The goal of our program is to create a structured, disciplined and positive environment which allows our athletes to maximize their capabilities as baseball players; to develop confidence, mental toughness and self-esteem; to understand that their success is a direct result of their hard work; to cultivate lifelong friendships with their teammates; to respect the game of baseball, their coaches, teammates, umpires and opponents, and to prepare for future success in baseball. 


C.B.A Baseball selects our players based on strength of character, attitude and overall baseball talent. We strive to select student athletes with a passion to excel both on and off the baseball field. Our parents are held to the same high standards as our players, we enjoy working with professional, passionate and respectful individuals who are determined to provide their son with the best in competition, instruction and continued development.


Our goal is to build strong teams designed to win local, state and national championships, teams with great chemistry and an obvious enjoyment of playing the game of baseball. Players are selected from numerous areas and meet the following criteria. 

Talent - Overall baseball ability
Positive Attitude - A positive approach to the game
Leader - Makes players around him better 
Mental Toughness - Mentally tough competitor who enjoys a challenge
Hustle - It takes no talent to hustle
Coachable - Player will take instruction
Passion - A passion to be at the ballpark whether practicing or playing the game 
Dedication - Of both player and parents
Commitment - To themselves, their teammates and the Storm program


Cadet parents are expected to support their children during Cadet related activities in a positive and professional manner at all times. Our parents understand the importance of working together to achieve team and individual goals. They possess a healthy respect for the game, coaching staff, opponents, umpire crew and tournament staff in addition to displaying good sportsmanship. 


C.B.A Baseball takes pride in our coaching staff of committed, passionate teachers of the game. Our philosophies are based on proven Major League Baseball techniques and fundamentals which provides our athletes with the best opportunity for success in tournament baseball and continued success in their baseball careers; from youth baseball to the Big Leagues. 
The C.B.A Coaching staff is dedicated to successfully blending quality baseball instruction with personal growth in order to develop the complete player. Cadet coaches possess the knowledge and experience to assist your son in maximizing his baseball skills.


C.B.A participates in Premier Baseball Tournaments, Blue Chip, PG25 Super Series, P.B.R ,USA Baseball and Triple Crown tournaments against elite level select teams from across the United States. Our goal is to play against the best in order to challenge our players to get the best from themselves. While we try to divide playing time as fairly as possible among the players, the stronger position players and top pitchers will receive more innings as the season moves on which allows for healthy competition between teammates and serves as a just reward for personal improvement. All players are provided an equal opportunity to be unequal. 

Spring Training is designed to incorporate proven fundamentals in all of our youth athletes to insure they are utilizing the proper mechanics for maximum success today and in the future. Team strategies are designed to prepare our teams to compete at the high level required for expected championship results.

Regular Season is to provide our players with multiple games to exhibit and develop their skills in a competitive tournament environment. Each player will continue to grow through structured practice repetition, game situations and continued teaching from our coaching staff. 


C.B.A  Baseball believes the fall season is a great opportunity to focus on the individual skills, techniques and mechanics to develop our athletes for continued success in spring/summer tournaments and their future in the game.


C.B.A Baseball provides our players with 1 to 3 practices a week. Practices include team strategies with individual offensive and defensive instruction by our highly qualified coaches. 
Pitching coordinator has designed the ultimate weekly Pitcher Workout to improve velocity, command, strength and overall success. These supervised weekly workouts include bullpen work, flat ground work, pick offs, and long toss program. 


C.B.A players are provided a complete evaluation at the completion of each season in order to better understand their strengths and areas to develop. By providing our players with evaluations based on college and professional success factors, players have a road map to measure their development for future success in high school, college and professional baseball. The 6 tools measured include Arm Strength, Speed, Hitting Average, Hitting Power, Defense and Intangibles. 


C.B.A Baseball is well respected in select baseball circles for turning out highly competitive, high integrity teams. Cadet teams have an approach to winning and development. Pitch counts are strictly monitored in order to protect our young arms for future success in the game of baseball. We will never adhere to the win at all cost mentality thereby putting our players at risk for injury and taking away their enjoyment of the game. But, we do teach our players to prepare to win, play to win and expect to win every game and every tournament in which they participate.


C.B.A Players have moved on to participate in college and professional baseball in the last 3 years. We look forward to assisting your son in reaching his high school, college and professional goals and dreams.

C = Commitment

A = Academics

D = Determination

E = rEspect

T = Teamwork

S =  Sportsmanship

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