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Cadets Baseball Academy is proud to have an in house nutritionist, April Dearden, CN,  on staff to help our players build lean muscle, stamina and avoid injury through proper nutrition.  We understand the importance of fueling the athletes body with proper nutrition and supplementation for improved performance.  

About AdvoCare Supplements

After researching several supplement companies, Coach Lugo chose AdvoCare.  Based on proven and effective science and nutrition, AdvoCare product ingredients are specifically chosen for quality and purity from reputable suppliers that meet the AdvoCare standard of excellence. The vitamins and minerals used in AdvoCare formulas are pharmaceutical or USP grade, with each lot tested for purity and potency. Manufacturing is done in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facilities, with exemplary quality control and quality assurance programs. 

  Banned substance free certification positions AdvoCare as a leader in the sports performance and nutrition industries.  Click here for more information and a list of AdvoCare products tested by Informed choice.

We have created a meal plan with supplementation recommendations exclusive for our Cadets.  This plan takes the guess work out of how to incorporate proper nutrition and supplementation into the athletes daily routine.  The meal plan explains what to have for each meal, timing of food for games and training and filling in nutritional gaps for improved performance. 

Our 30 Days To Gain program includes:

  • structured meal plan 
  • calorie calculations for muscle gain
  • portions
  • grocery list
  • supplement recommendation and how and when to incorporate them into the training program

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